The Preacher

This is the original photo - taken on Bloomsday, 16th of June 2007 in the Beaches, Toronto. The picture shows the costumed actors in a scene from James Joyce's Ulysses.

The Preacher - Original  Photo - June 2007 - Click on picture to enlarge

The first step was to clone out the audience in Photoshop - to focus attention on the two main characters and remove unwanted distractions.

The Preacher -  Stage 2 -  Photoshopped  -  Click on picture to enlarge

Next I imported this image into Corel Painter where all the 'painterly' brushwork and textures were applied.

Finally the layered image was imported back into Photoshop for retouching and to adjust saturation, brightness, contrast and masking.

The Preacher - Final Image - Click on picture to enlarge


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